We endeavor to provide the customer with the right resoucres for the job. Customer satisfaction is our objective.

To provide you with the right resouces we practice:

• Recruit and retain top-notch employees and assist them to grow professionally and personally.
• Carefully match our consultants technical skills to suite your requirements.
• Communicate clearly and realize client objective.

Types of job placements
No matter what type of position you seek, you can be confident that MindWorld will match you with opportunities that meet your career goals, skill set and workplace expectations. MindWorld has three main types of job placements:

Temporary or contract assignments
MindWorld places you on assignments at different companies. When one assignment ends, you move on to a new one.

We place you with an employer on a “trial basis.” This gives you the chance to see if the job is a good fit for your interests, skills and goals. If you are happy with the employer, and vice versa, you become a full-time employee of that company.

Full-time placement
We match you with potential employers seeking full-time employees and arrange interviews. If hired, you become an employee of that organization immediately.